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Welcome to The Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Set as a beacon on a hill to surrounding Maplewood and the east side of St. Paul, the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been a center of Catholic faith and life since 1946. Our parish continues to be a vibrant place of worship, education, and outreach to the community. We welcome you to join us as we celebrate God’s many gifts and strive to bring the gospel message of Jesus Christ to the world around us.

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Mary Is The Image Of This New Family

On January 27, 1946 Msgr. Raymond Rutkowski celebrated the first Mass in the parish of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The parish had been established by Archbishop John Gregory Murray only six days earlier, on January 21, 1946. At the beginning there were only 76 families. Now there are hundreds. The Church of the Presentation of Mary worshiped in Gladstone School until Christmas of 1947, then in what has come to be known as Kenney Hall for nearly 20 years, and every year since then in the present beautiful church building.

The founders of this parish sacrificed much to give us many gifts such as our beautiful parish campus including the school, church, and parish center buildings. As good stewards, we are careful to keep it in repair. Another, more important gift, is that of faith. The founders of this parish were people profoundly affected by World War II. They were soldiers returning from battle or people struggling for those long years on the home front. Presentation of Mary’s first family of faith was serious in its commitment to Catholic tradition and beliefs. They were conscientious in practicing those beliefs. By their own example they passed their steadfast faith to their children. We in turn have the duty, as faithful stewards, to continue our conscientious practice, both inside and outside our church building, and to pass that faith to the next generation. We are given the mission of preaching the Gospel to the ends of the earth, but we need to start at home with the children of our families and community.

Mary is the image of the Presentation of Mary family. She has become what this family and each of its members hope to become: always ready, always open to receive the Word of God, always open to do God’s will, ready to take our place in the divine plan of salvation. The Feast of the Presentation of Mary celebrated on November 21st is our patronal feast, the title under which we are dedicated to the service of God. On any and every anniversary of this parish, we offer our prayers that God may grant us many more decades of hearing the divine word and putting it into practice, as did Mary.

Installed Pastors Past and Present:

pom Mass Picnic 7

1946-1977 Monsignor Raymond Rutkowski
(Monsignor retired in 1977, died August 29, 1986)

1977-1985 Father William J. Kenney

1985-1988 Father Thomas H. Seig

1988-1992 Father Laurence R. Johnson

1993-2002 Father Charles V. Lachowitzer

2002-2007 Father Phillip J. Rask

2007-2013 Father Mark Huberty

2014-2016 Father Benny Mekkatt, CFIC

2016-2019 Father T. J. McKenzie

2019-current Father Toulee Peter Ly

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